STYSA’s Directors Cup Games at CAYSA

Due to deteriorating conditions of our grass parking lots, CAYSA is closing the site for the weekend. We don’t want people to get here and then not be able to get their vehicles out of the muddy parking areas.

Games will be played on the rain-out dates:  4/27 & 28.

CAYSA will be hosting the U11 & 12U games in STYSA’s 2019 Directors Cup at our fields in Manor.

No pets are allowed at our facility; please enjoy them at home.

Smoking, vaping, consumption of alcohol, use of drones, or other activities prohibited by STYSA rules or policies are not allowed.

A concessions provider will not be available. Please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and plenty of drinks.

Portable toilets will be set up around the facility. Toilet capacity in our building is limited by the septic system and will not be available during the event.

The Google map to and of our facility  will be updated as locations of amenities are confirmed.

Printable map of the fields.

The printable map linked above also shows which sides of the fields are for teams and which are for spectators.

Parking is on grass fields, which can become slick if there is rain. Parking is also limited, so please do not bring trailers or other towed attachments to the facility. Some drives will be marked as one-way; please honor those indicators.

When leaving, please turn right on Hwy 290; there is a U-turn just a few hundred feet down the road (at the gas station) for those needing to travel west.

In addition to a soccer facility, CAYSA has some farmed and wild spaces.

For your safety, please stay away from the barn, former garden, water tanks/ponds and other non-soccer areas. Farm and maintenance equipment can be dangerous; if you or your children are near any, you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be. Poisonous snakes (rattlesnakes and cottonmouths) have been seen in non-soccer areas. (We also have other kinds of non-poisonous snakes on site which help control some pests.)