Academy Festival, May 5–Cancelled

Festival cancelled due to too much rain on our grass parking lots. 

Festival cancelado debido a demasiada lluvia.

Updated 12:40pm, May 4


We are watching the weather and will post any cancellation or delays here. Current forecasts show the possibility of over 2 inches of rain at CAYSA Thursday night and Friday. While our fields can absorb that and be playable, our parking lots cannot. If the rain goes elsewhere and we get far less, we will play as scheduled.  Updated 5/3/18

The schedule for all 7v7 and 4v4 games is here. If your team has an issue with your schedule, please contact your club’s Academy Director before contacting CAYSA. Academy Directors, please contact Richard with issues.

The CAYSA fields will be set up almost the same as for Directors Cup, so this field map is good except that the 4v4 games will be played on 3C & 3D which will be where 3B is on that map.  You can find a map to CAYSA on our Maps Page.

A huge thank you to the volunteers who assembled the new 6×18 goals; one family assembled all 20 goals over three days!  If we get enough help switching out the 7×21 goals currently on the field with the new 6×18 goals, we’ll be able to use them at the Festival.

The Festival will have concessions set up at the corner where fields 5B, 2B, and 3A meet. Hot food and cold drinks!

Updated 5/1/18 with news about goal assembly.

Updated 4/25/18 with addition of 4v4 teams to schedule.