Upcoming Grassroots First-Time Referees – Virtual Sessions Dec 06, 2020

The following Grassroots First Time Referee licensing courses are now posted on the STSR website and the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. Please note the following items:

1) Select the session closest to you and have your club/organization promote this event to encourage registration
2) the direct links are listed below
3) the close for registration is 12/04 at 12:00 pm
4) the cost for the 2021 licensing course is $70
5) if 18+, will need a background check which costs $30 and is valid for 2 years
6) unlike last year, there is no need to wait for the background check to be approved as coursework can begin immediately upon registration
7) the Virtual Session (VS) for each course is listed below
8) of all the modules for this course, the “Online Grassroots Referee” module must be completed by 12/05 @ 6pm
9) only registrants who complete this module will received an invite to the Sunday VS
10) VS attendance is mandatory – if registrant does not attend, they will have an additional assignment to complete to receive certification
11) if the “Online Grassroots Referee” module is not completed by deadline, registrant will have an additional assignment to complete to receive certification once they complete the required module

Rest Of South Texas areas – Virtual Session for 5:00 pm

Austin & surrounding areas – Virtual Session for 6:30 pm

Houston & surrounding areas – Virtual Session for 8:00 pm

If yourself or any member of your organization would find the information useful, please send it along – Be safe!