SafeSport is a new system intended to protect minor athletes from sexual and other forms of abuse. It came about due to passage of a federal law and STYSA decided to fully implement it starting in Fall 2019.

All coaches, managers, or other adults who will either come in regular contact with minor participants or who have responsibility for those players are required to complete the training course.  This is also in the best interest of coaches, managers, and club officers as they are required by law to report suspicious activity and if they haven’t been trained in what that is or how to report it, they could end up on the wrong side of that federal law as a consequence of failing to do their duty to protect kids under their care.

STYSA Document summarizing SafeSport.  Parts of this document are now outdated, please use the SafeSport site below and do your training through your GotSoccer account as covered in the FAQs below.

The current website for SafeSport reporting is


Frequently asked questions from CAYSA coaches, managers, and administrators

How do I take the course(s)?  Log into your coach or manager account (not the team account, the one with your name on it) and links for both the CDC Concussion course and SafeSport course will be on the first page you see. Click on the link and it will take you to the correct place to start the course.

How long do the courses take? The SafeSport course is 3 sections, each about 30 minutes long. It is highly interactive and you will need to pay close attention. If you can’t take all 3 sections at the same time, complete a section before stopping and that section will be saved as completed. The CDC course is about 30 minutes long, total.

It’s asking for a SafeSport code. Where do I get that?  It’s immediately under your name on the page you use to get to the course. It looks like xxxx-yyyy-xxxx-zzzz.  Cut and paste and it’s easy.

What else do I need to know? You need to use the exact same name (should be your legal name, not a nickname) and email address for the courses as you have on your GotSoccer account. If they don’t match, GotSoccer and the SafeSport servers may not be able to identify that they belong to the same person and extra work will be required to get them linked.

Do I really need to do this?  Yes. You will not be added to a team’s roster nor issued an adult pass to be on the sideline with the players until both the SafeSport and CDC courses have been completed.