CAYSA creates Director’s Council to implement changes to Travel and Academy Structure – 23/24

CAYSA has been receiving a lot of feedback and input regarding our Academy and D2 programming. With the constructive assessment from DOCs that have been involved with the Academy program, it has been clearly communicated that CAYSA needs to improve league structures to bring more continuity and less confusion across its league programming. To that end, the CAYSA Directors Council Committee has been created by the CAYSA President, David Buckler.

​The newly appointed CAYSA Directors Council Committee, which we think represents a good cross-section of clubs participating in our Academy and D2 programming, will include the following members:

  • Grayson Hopper (PAYSL)
  • Jon Gardner (Georgetown)
  • Link Scoggins (Dripping Springs
  • Richard Casseus (Galaxy)
  • Daniel Benito (OWS – Barca Academy Austin)

In addition to those club representatives, Charley Marshall and Dominique Buckler will also be participating on the CAYSA Directors Council Committee. Some of the additional areas that are expected to be addressed will include committee governance, Directors Council elections, working with STYSA and WDDOA, etc.

The CAYSA Directors Council Mission Statement:

CAYSA Directors Council

The CAYSA Directors Council is tasked with shaping the direction of soccer programming and player development for CAYSA to create the best soccer experience for all participants and member clubs and is specifically charged with the following areas of focus:   

  • CAYSA leagues and player opportunities 
  • Coaching education
  • Player Development 
  • Parent education

The Directors Council, working with the CAYSA Director of Operations, is empowered to make decisions regarding operational components of our D2 and Academy leagues. Examples might include play group sizes, number of league games, geographic considerations, promotion/relegation recommendations, etc.

After the initial meetings with the Directors Council, two decisions were made that should provide some immediate improvement going into upcoming club tryouts and the next seasonal year: 23/24 Proposed Dates with an accelerated timeline for D2 and Academy and a Transition from Academy to Competitive Guideline Document that explains the competitive soccer roadmap and our transition to the new structure. Links to the two referenced documents will be distributed to the CAYSA Member Clubs as well as being available on the CAYSA website (links below).

This is a much needed continuance of our efforts to keep transforming our operational governance model and provide the best programming possible so that our member clubs feel like willing partners that have a voice in how we do things.