CAYSA Convention 2020 – information

2020 CAYSA Convention Info

For those that attended the CAYSA Convention (we thank you) and wanted access to some of the documentation and information that was shared, we are providing some of that here for you to view/download.  If you were unable to attend but want to see some of the things covered or information about connecting with events you might have missed please see below.

Scott Placek, CAYSA President:

Scott provided a session on “Risk Management” and has provided those slides in PDF form here, CAYSA2020-Risk Management for Your Club

David Buckler, CAYSA Executive VP:

David ran a session regarding “Spring Competitions” and has provided the relevant information as a PDF here, CAYSA Spring Competitions

Dominique Buckler, CAYSA Registrar:

Dominique provided a presentation on “Growing Your Program” and has provided the slides from that session in PDF form.  You can find that here, Growing your Program in 2020 – Attracting the Millennial Parent

Jason Goltz, CAYSA Commissioner of Referees:

Jason organized an STSR run clinic for new referees in which we had about 21 new referees come out and take part.  If you were not able to attend and are still interested in becoming a referee you can find that information here,