7v7 Cancelled–Academy Festival, Sept 8

7v7 Games for Festival Cancelled due to field conditions and weather.

Alternate sites for the 7v7 games were not possible at this short notice.

We’re trying to hold the 4v4 games to an alternate site (Salado). Several teams have dropped outrather than go to that site, but there is now he possibility that the schedule can be adjusted. The weather there looks like it may be an issue. Those with 4v4 teams, check with your club’s Academy Director for details.

Some clubs are working arrange some Academy games at sites that are not impacted by the weather (indoor or areas that haven’t been hit by heavy rains). Check with your club, coach, or Academy Director to see what the plans are for your club and team.

Games schedules are available here. When you find your team, just click the team name and it will give you a page with both of their games.  If your team has an issue with your schedule, please contact your club’s Academy Director before contacting CAYSA. Academy Directors, please contact Richard with issues.

The field map for this Festival is here.

Maps for getting to CAYSA are available on our Maps page.

The Festival will have concessions set up at the corner where fields 5B, 2B, and 3A meet. Hot food and cold drinks!

The fields are very dry right now. We’re working to get the fields into as good condition as possible, but we’re almost out of water, due to very little rainfall since May. There are cracks in the ground in all the parking areas and areas surrounding the fields, so please watch your step!

When leaving the facility, please turn right onto Hwy 290. There’s a U-turn just a few hundred feet up the highway at the Shell station for those going west toward Austin.