Academy Festival, May 6

The Academy Festival to finish the Spring 2017 season will be on May 6 at CAYSA. We’ll have 64 teams playing on that one day, so it will be a full day of soccer.

 The schedule is up again. Two games in U8 were changed on April 26, so please confirm your schedule. The schedule is available.

Field Map –This will be updated before the event, but the fields won’t be changing.

 We’ll see you for a great day of games at the CAYSA Fields!

Please park only in areas marked on the map and not on any area ever used as a soccer field, as the irrigation system is easily damaged by vehicles driving on it.

No pets are allowed at our facility; please enjoy them at home.

 Food and drinks will be available on site. You’ll see the grill in the parking area in front of the Meeting Hall.

 Players will need to check in at the Meeting Hall with their player ID card to get their hand stamped before their first game.