2020 Convention New Referee Clinic

Registration for US Soccer Referee Clinic for 1st time referees.

During the 2020 CAYSA Convention we will hosted a referee clinic for new referees that have never been certified but would like to become new referees.  If you missed out on this opportunity but still would like to become a new referee please see the instructions below for instructions on how to get registered with US Soccer.  Please note that new referees that are 18 years and older will need to complete the background check through US Soccer BEFORE you can start the process of registering for a clinic.

US Soccer Refreee Registration

1) All course registration is on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center web site ONLY  – THESE ARE NOT ON THE STSR WEB SITE
2) All new referees must first “sign up” at the U.S. Soccer Learning Center https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/ to create a profile
3) Persons 18+ must have a background check – there is a fee for this as well – and they can not register for a course until they pass the background check
4) All new referees must register for a grassroots in-person field session licensing course (specific with date and location) which will include 3-4 required on-line modules
5) The grassroots in-person field sessions can be found under COURSES (top left) > Grassroots – First-time Referees (left column) > Set filters to HOST: South Texas & LOCATION: Texas
6) The online modules DO NOT need to be completed for a person to attend the in-person field session
7) The in-person field session lasts 2.5 hours
8) The STSR web has the list of grassroots in-person field sessions for first-time referees on the Events page with a link to the specific course on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center site
9) Referee certification will be done once the individual has attended the in-person field session and all required on-line modules are successfully completed