Tournament schedules, check-in, and other info

Game schedules will be linked below as they are available.

D2 & D3 Championships Schedule

D4 Championships–cancelled due to lack of registrants

Tournament check-in for all teams playing on November 11-12 will be at the CAYSA office in Manor on Friday evening between 6pm and 8:30pm. Coaches or managers will need to bring all of the following:

  1. An official roster, signed by your club Registrar
  2. Player cards (laminated, with photos).
  3. KidSafe passes for all adults listed on the roster.
  4. A penalty point form signed by your league VP (these may be available at the check-in).
  5. Your registration fee, unless your club has sent a letter to CAYSA promising to cover your registration fee. Fee payment should be in the form of a check made out to CAYSA.  U11 & U12 teams: $300. U13 and older teams: $325.

You will be required to sign a commitment form for both Western District and for STYSA playoffs.  This form will state that if you qualify for Western District playoffs and, if applicable, STYSA (State) playoffs that your team will attend these events.

During check in you will be provided with:

  1. Tournament rules
  2. Advancement rules
  3. Map of the fields

If you are unable to check in your team Friday night, you must get permission from your competition Vice President and either the Executive Vice President or the CAYSA Registrar to check in Saturday morning.  Under no circumstances will a team that is scheduled to play during the first time slot on Saturday morning be allowed to check in Saturday prior to the game.  If you don’t check in Friday night and there’s an issue with your paperwork Saturday morning at check-in you may not be able to play.  This could mean that your team will be turned away from the championships.  If you check in Friday and there’s an issue there is still some time to get it fixed.