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Changes to Laws of the Game
May 23 2016 - Staff

While the USSF is making changes in the US, the International Football Association Board is changing the rulebook for everybody worldwide. The Laws of the Game book will have a new structure and language intended to make the laws easier to understand for referees and anyone else looking through them with the goal of making it easier to interpret and apply the rules with greater consistency. You can see the changes in IFAB's presentation.

STYSA Roster Limits & Age Group Chart
May 04 2016 - Staff

STYSA has released the roster maximums for the new small sided game formats as part of a document which has been added to the Admin Resources page. For clubs that intend to play some of the youngest age groups as 3v3, please keep in mind that the maximum roster size for those should be twice the number of kids on the field, so coaches can meet the 50% play time requirement for those players.

CAYSA Academy Festival #2
Apr 29 2016 - Staff

The second Academy Festival for Spring 2016 will be at the CAYSA fields on May 7.

Schedules are posted; they are a slight variation of what Academy Directors and CAYSA staff put together, with changes made to make sure teams did not play games back-to-back. The goal is once again balanced games and lots of fun.

CAYSA will have food trucks on site as well as a dedicated area for teams and clubs to set up tents (field 6).

Please see the Academy Festival version of our site map.

Additional info coming soon!

Storm troubles
Apr 27 2016 - Staff

CAYSA is currently experiencing some internet and email connectivity issues due to the storm Tuesday night. Our service provider is working on the problem, but responses involving email and the Internet may be delayed while the issue is resolved.


Sad news
Apr 07 2016 - Staff

CAYSA is saddened by the passing of Art Brown who served CAYSA and the central Texas soccer community for many years. 

Art served as Administrator and then President of CAYSA as well as President of Exodus FC; he continued his active involvement beyond his club, serving on the CAYSA Facilities Committee and regularly attending the STYSA governing board meetings.



There will be no service, by Art's request. We are waiting to hear about a preferred charity for those who wish to make a gesture in honor of Art's years of service.

Folks are working on creating an instrument which would support players who need financial support to play; we will announce when it has been created and how to contribute to it. 

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Transfer/Release Deadline
Spring Season Starts For U15 and Older
CAYSA GBM: 7pm @ the CAYSA office in Manor

Elections for following positions: Executive VP, Super-2 VP, D3 Boys VP, D3 Girls VP, Facilities VP, Secretary, Commissioner of Referees.

Budget approval.

Spring Reconciliation Deadline
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