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Spring Registration Information
Jan 08 2015 - Michael Brown



Presidents Cup:
This Cup competition is the second highest level spring competition in South Texas.  Winners of the South Texas Presidents Cup will represent South Texas at the Region III Presidents Cup tournament.  This competition is meant for middle to lower Division I teams and top Super II teams.   The deadline for teams wanting to "Challenge" into State Cup OR are currently the lowest seeded team in Presidents Cup must register by January 20, 2015!  All other registrations and payments must be submitted by January 27, 2015!     More Info and Register 



Directors Cup:
This Cup competition is meant for any Super II teams that did not qualify for Presidents Cup and all Division II teams.  Directors Cup is a season long competition that ends with a State Finals event in May.  Both Eastern and Western District group play will use a "self-scheduling" model in order to give teams flexibility with any number of potential conflicts.   The deadline for teams wanting to "Challenge" into Presidents Cup must register by January 20, 2015 for Directors Cup and select the "Challenge" option within the registration!  All other registrations and payments must be submitted by January 27, 2015!       More Info and Register 


South Texas Cup:

This Cup Competition is open to any Division II or Division III teams not registered/participating in another South Texas Spring Cup competition.  South Texas Cup is an invitational style, statewide tournament that will be played over the course of two (2) weekends.  The first weekend is the District Playoffs (April 25-26, 2015), hosted in both the Eastern and Western Districts.  The 1st and 2nd place finishers from the District Playoffs will advance to the second weekend, which is the State Finals (May 2-3, 2015).  The registration fee for South Texas Cup is $400, which includes both weekends, should your team to the State Finals.   The registration deadline in March 1, 2015.  Playing locations may be found on the South Texas webpage below. 

For more information and to register for the South Texas Cup, please visit the South Texas Cup webpage:   http://www.stxsoccer.org/Competitions/DistrictSTC/index_E.html  
NEW for 2015:  Teams participating in South Texas Cup will be able to use up to 3 Guest Players (with eligibility restrictions).  For more information about this, please see the the South Texas Cup webpage above and the South Texas Spring Cup Manual (Section 6, Page 16).  The process for identifying any applicable guest players will be communicated after the registration deadline.


Refereeing throughout CAYSA
Oct 30 2014 - Jason Goltz

How to become a referee.


If you've played before, been a parent/coach/assistant, or just have a love for the game then we encourage you to become a certified referee.  Classes/clinics are offered to educate you on the Laws of the Game and provide an entry level introduction into officiating youth soccer games.

Please visit the South Texas Soccer Referees website www.stsr.org to learn more and visit the clinics page to see what's currently available www.stsr.org/AvailableClinics.aspx .

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Fall Season Begins

Opening weekend of fall season.  League games may be scheduled before this date by agreement of both teams.

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Roster Freeze and Final Reconciliation
11/14 - 11/15/2015
CAYSA Playoffs: DII and DIII
11/21 - 11/22/2015
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