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Sad news
Apr 07 2016 - Staff

CAYSA is saddened by the passing of Art Brown who served CAYSA and the central Texas soccer community for many years. 

Art served as Administrator and then President of CAYSA as well as President of Exodus FC; he continued his active involvement beyond his club, serving on the CAYSA Facilities Committee and regularly attending the STYSA governing board meetings.



There will be no service, by Art's request. We are waiting to hear about a preferred charity for those who wish to make a gesture in honor of Art's years of service.

Folks are working on creating an instrument which would support players who need financial support to play; we will announce when it has been created and how to contribute to it. 

Open Carry and Drone Policies
Jan 13 2016 - Staff

The CAYSA policies on open carry and drones have been added to the Documents section of the website.


Changes from USSF
Jan 06 2016 - Staff

There have been a number of questions regarding the changes in youth soccer being made by the USSF. STYSA will be implementing these changes in the Fall 2016 season, so they will apply to CAYSA teams then. The USSF has a page with explanations and answers to many of the questions we've been hearing.

We'll be working with our clubs to make the transition easier for CAYSA's member clubs, families, and players.

Game Card Instructions
Sep 10 2015 - Staff

An information sheet about game cards has been added to the Coaches Resources section.

Instructions sent by CAYSA VPs take priority.

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CAYSA Academy Festival, Feb 27
Feb 23 2016 - Staff

The first CAYSA Academy Festival will be on February 27, played at both Georgetown Soccer Association and the CAYSA fields.

This is a coed, multiage event, so boys and girls and U9s and U10s are all mixed together. We've been told that one of the challenges of Academy programs like this is getting coaches to work together to balance games so players can get the greatest developmental benefit from each match, so if you find your team in an uneven match, switch out players on your team and work with the other coach to try to make the game more balanced. If your team is getting trounced in a game, you can borrow another player (or two or three) from one of your club's other teams, while the other team's coach may be removing some of the stronger players from your game. Yes, change the roster mid-game, swap players with your other team behind you, it will be okay.


The game schedule is at https://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=51928 .

Rules and guidelines are here.


If you find any scheduling oddities, like one team has games with more than 2 hours in between or your club is scheduled at both locations, please let admin@caysa.org know as soon as possible.



Game cards will be provided by the referees. Due to the nature of some of the things we're experimenting with, the normal game cards will not be used.

Map to Georgetown fields; Georgetown field info--please note the policy regarding pets.

Map to CAYSA fields Parking is limited in the semi-paved areas; there is parking on the grass near the entrance and south of field 5, near the portable restrooms.

Last Updated: 5/24/16 9:51 am
Use caution when parking on non-paved surfaces.
No Updates for WCRP during the season. Please check home club website
5/28 - 5/30/2016
US Youth Soccer State Cup Finals
5/28 - 5/29/2016
Tournament: RRSA's Kick'n In Summer
Tryouts may begin for U12 (2005s) and older
6/11 - 6/12/2016
Tournament: SMAYSO 5v5 Summer Surge
7/22 - 7/24/2016
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