Academy Festival on September 9–Updated

We will once again start the season with an Academy Festival at the CAYSA fields.

The schedule was revised on September 5 and is available here.

  • Please park only in areas marked on the map and not on any area ever used as a soccer field, as the irrigation system is easily damaged by vehicles driving on it. The front 3 lots are painted for use.
  • No pets are allowed at our facility; please enjoy them at home.
  • Food (brisket & BBQ) and drinks will be available on site. You’ll see the grill in the parking area in front of the Meeting Hall.
  • Players will need to check in at the Meeting Hall with their player ID card to get their hand stamped one hour before their first game.
  • Restrooms will be in the central parking lot in the corner where fields 2, 3, and 5 meet. There will be a couple more in the parking area near the Meeting Hall.
  • In the long row of fields, please have coaches & players in the area between fields with parents & other fans sitting on the outside edges.

We’ll see you for a great day of games at the CAYSA Fields!